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Most pet owners are curious to know the gender of their birds, and more importantly, gender matters for the purposes of diagnosing and treating illness and hormonal behavior. Like humans, birds have two different sex chromosomes but they are opposite. Female birds have a pair called ZW, while the males have a pair called ZZ. In humans, females have XX chromosomes and males have XY.

Bird Sexing Solutions uses proven technology along with 14 years of bird sexing experience and an extensive database of known sex reference samples to provide all bird lovers with the quickest most accurate information possible.

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Bird Sexing Solutions was established to offer all bird enthusiasts a quick, accurate, affordable method to learn the sex of their bird. Since it was developed in the early 90s, DNA gender determination has become a valuable service to the avian community. For most birds it is impossible to determine the gender visually or behaviorally and before DNA sexing surgery was the only accurate option.

  • Pet Owners — Give your feathery family member a boy’s or girl’s name.
  • Zoos & Parks — Get critical information for breeding and conservation.
  • Veterinarians — Gain insight for certain illnesses or hormonal treatments.
  • Avian Breeders — Accurately establish a bloodline for future generations.

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