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Feel free to contact Bird Sexing Solutions with any questions. Continue browsing to learn more about us and the services we offer. You can also download the necessary forms via our website.

Additional Services

* Volume Discounts 
Quick Results: Bird Sexing Results are available the next business day after we receive the sample.
Convenient Results: Preliminary results via e-mail, text, phone or fax.​
Result Delivery Options: We can relay preliminary results and final certificates directly to the owner as well as the submitter.
Sample tracking:  If you notify us that you have sent in samples, we will keep you up to date every step of the way.
Payment Options: We accept payment via check, money order, credit card or invoice.
Billing Options: If your organization has separate locations we offer ship to/bill to options.

SAME DAY RESULTS are now available for an extra fee. Please call for details.

Our Services

Along with quick, accurate gender testing, Bird Sexing Solutions also offers excellence in customer service.

Initiating the gender testing service is as easy as mailing us a blood, feather or eggshell sample from your bird. For your convenience, our order form is available to download/print from our website and once the sample is taken from the bird, just send it in the mail.

Call TODAY : 530-923-2974

Avian Gender Determination — $20 sample

  1. Get a Genetic Sample — You can easily get a drop of your bird’s blood for DNA testing, or you can use a feather or eggshell.
  2. Complete the Order Form — Be sure to include the information of the bird owner if you would like us to contact them directly with results and send the certificate to them.
  3. Send Us the Materials — Simply send the order form and genetic material to Bird Sexing Solutions, and then we get to work.

Once we get your materials, you can expect a sex determination from Bird Sexing Solutions within 24 hours. If for any reason your genetic sample is unusable, just send us another one from the same bird. We’ll re-test it at no additional cost to you.

For volume discounts, please contact Bird Sexing Solutions for further details.

Send Materials To:

Bird Sexing Solutions

1348 LadyFern St.

Plumas Lake, CA 95961