About Us

My name is Marcia Nikolic and Bird Sexing Solutions is a one woman show! I Have a degree in Physics and started doing bird sexing in 1999 when I worked for a company called Celera AgGen.  In 2001, when Zoogen split off from Celera AgGen, I went with Zoogen and started doing Bird Sexing full time.  During the majority of my  time at Zoogen I was the only employee and ran the entire bird sexing portion of the business from  labwork to bookkeeping to answering the phone and mailing out certificates.  I designed and implemented many process improvements and took pride in giving my customers accurate results that they could rely on.

  As the owner of Zoogen approached retirement age I was led to believe that I would be taking over Zoogen when she retired.  In the fall of 2013 I learned that our agreement was off  and in the spring of 2014 Zoogen was sold to Antech Diagnostics.  When the disappointment faded I knew that I wanted to continue with the work I love so I decided to get busy!  I wrote a business plan, pitched it to banks and secured a Small Business Loan to start my own Bird Sexing lab.  In August of 2014, Bird Sexing Solutions was born!  Now, I take pride in the fact that a large portion of Zoogen customers have switched to Bird Sexing Solutions and continue to receive the excellent service and reliable results that they were accustomed to at Zoogen.  Owning my own business is Awesome and I couldn't be more pleased with the way things have turned out.  I look forward to many more years of rewarding work and happy customers!


As a small business owner I LOVE to support other small businesses! 

If you are involved in a bird club or other non profit that raises money through auctions or raffles, let me know and I will be happy to donate Sexing Tests.