Egg Shell Sexing

Blood Sexing

Once we receive your materials, results are usually avail the next business day. Preliminary results can be sent to you via phone, email or fax and you are welcome to call us anytime.  We always send a frame quality certificate and in addition to the submitter we can send preliminary results and certificates to the owner if you would like us to. We also offer same day results for an extra fee. Contact Marcia for more information

Blood samples are commonly obtained by clipping the toenail too short.  An easy alternative is to use a lancet like diabetics use to check their blood sugar.  A good place to lance is a vein on the foot or between the toes.  With either method you can preserve the blood by placing it directly onto the orderform and covering it with clear tape or by blotting the blood with a Qtip and letting it dry.  Fill out an orderform to submit with the sample.

Let the shell dry completely, seal each shell in a separate container or bag (paper works best) and send it along with an order form.

Feathers submitted for gender testing must be freshly plucked. (Molted feathers or ones that fell out on their own do not contain sufficient DNA for testing.)  Seal them in an envelope along with an order form and send them by regular mail.  


Sample Submission/Payment

Sample submission is as easy as printing an order form from our website, collecting a blood, eggshell or feather sample from your bird and mailing it along with payment to:

Bird Sexing Solutions
1348 LadyFern St.

Plumas Lake, CA 95961

Feather Sexing

The price for Bird Sexing is $20 per sample. The submitter is responsible for Payment and Payment must accompany the sample unless prior arrangements are made. We accept checks, credit cards, money orders and PayPal. If you are a business and would like us to send an invoice just let us know in advance. 

We ALWAYS give volume discounts and  Special pricing is available in certain situations.  Please contact Marcia to discuss your specific needs.

Results Options

In the event that a submitted sample does not contain sufficient DNA for processing Bird Sexing Solutions will test another sample from the same bird at no charge. In no event shall Bird Sexing Solutions be liable for incidental, consequential, special or other damages of any nature even if Bird Sexing Solutions Has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Payment Options