When Gender Matters, We Have The Solution

99.9% Accuracy and Next Day Results

When you need to know the sex of your bird, Bird Sexing Solutions offers a quick convenient and cost-effective service that’s more than 99.9% accurate. Our simple DNA test establishes your bird’s gender in as little as 24 hours and is available to all bird enthusiasts.

  • Bird Owners-Give your feathery family member a boy's or girl's name

  • Zoos & Animal Parks-Get critical information for breeding and conservation

  • Veterinarians-Get insight for certain illnesses or hormonal treatments

  • Avian Breeders-Accurately establish a bloodline for future generations

  • Falconers and other avian hobbyists-Get gender information for accurate and timely banding

Since it was developed in the early 90's, DNA Gender determination has become a valuable service to the Avian  Community.  For most species of birds it is impossible to determine the gender visually or behaviorally and before DNA Sexing, surgery was the only accurate option. 

Like humans, birds have two different sex chromosomes but they are opposite.  Female birds have a pair of chromosomes called ZW and the male pair is ZZ.  In humans, females have XX and males have XY.  During procreation, the male and female each contribute one chromosome to the offspring.  Consequently,  in humans the male determines the gender of the offspring but in birds it is the female that determines the gender of the chick.